Friday, July 26, 2013

On What It Takes to Get Signed

On What It Takes to Get Signed,

For more info visit: WME Signs Web-Fave Filmmaker Ilya Naishuller

Originally I posted this video and directed it at a friend of mine.  Here I'll say that the filmmaker took a rather complicated vision that must've required tons of rehearsal, coordination and stunt-work to make quite the POV spectacle.

I'll say quickly that this is fun.  The story is pretty simple but the execution is high-speed and compelling.  But specifically: I don't really know how he did it.  I mean I can guess but what's most interesting is the attitude, perspective, and technical capacity to understand how to get this all wrapped up in something that feels like one take (even though the cuts are just hidden by a reeling head-cam and the down beats of a rather awesome song).

The amount of production value came from the involvement of an entire stunt-team, tons of squibs and gunfire effects, and a mysterious device that we forgive for it's rather unfinished visuals for the adventure it brings on through various locales and not a small amount of excitement.

I can't answer what it takes to surprise your audience.  The truth is some people are strong only for the assets they have access too.  I don't know if the entire stunt-team was hired, whether it was an official company or a group of rough men who like to do crazy shit, and if it was for money or a big favor.  The concept is more important:

Surprise your audience, out-think them and out-perform their expectations and imaginations and you should land a deal.  How: think way more carefully about what you and you alone have access to (this includes experiences and things you personally enjoy).

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III