Friday, July 26, 2013

Competent Horror Always Goes Back to the Basics

Competent Horror Always Goes Back to the Basics,

For more information visit: Watch: Jason Eisener's Terrifying 1-Minute Horror Short 'One Last Dive' Gets the Job Done

Struggling with capping the scale of your genre short? Eisener makes it look easy. Back to basics: show the weapon in act 1...

Reasons for winning: underwater = production value to start.  Everything else is stock, which makes me wonder if his competition even competed or if they proved to be misfits and flakes.  So much of winning in this industry is facing down quitters.  Anyway, I feel like I've seen this scene before.  Either that or my generation just has a shared consciousness.  So to scratch the genre its, watch horror movies and then let your inherent sensibilities do the heavy lifting.  You're people will let you know if your'e off.

Let's get what we came for,

C.M. Sanchez III