Friday, July 26, 2013

On Production Incentives by State

Production Incentives by State,

Thanks IW! For new producers expanding your domestic horizons, put a bookmark on this page for the cliff notes on state-by-state film commission benefits for incoming shows.

For those of us who haven't produced a feature yet or perhaps are considering packaging one, the details reviewed in these states are great selling points when presenting the business proposal. Take the best details on tax incentives, available locations, etc. and create a page in your plan that shows investors how savvy you are. Not everyone willing to invest their money has the time to be educated on what it takes to make a film and many of the equity investors are simply not aware of how it's done. So let these details shine and strengthen your credibility and as Soderbergh says, remember to let them know at the bottom line it's all about hope.

Good hunting.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III