Friday, July 19, 2013

On Reboots and the Commercial Question

On Reboots and the Commercial Question,

For more information visit 'Day of the Dead' Reboot Arises

For those of us taking up the responsibility of creating work opportunities, student producers and the like, who struggle at the no-budget extreme; it's important to look at the "it's-been-done" argument and squash it. It's a false roof; a counter-intuitive excuse that disguises fear and ignorance for intelligence.

Among the producers recreating 'Day of the Dead' are those that did the original in 1985. They waited a generation and are revisiting an old property to exploit a cult fan base. They'll probably make their money on it too. This will add another entry to what some would consider a tired genre. Nevertheless, it holds appeal. It won't be the last movie to capitalize on a convention.

To my short-filmmakers: I implore you, amid your rare opportunities to cobble together cast and crew and funding, if it's your intent to grow your practice and your audience and to pull your fellow collaborators back to you for the next one, you must include the existing market in your artistic appeal.

Don't slash your wrists if you are attracted to commercial narratives, popcorn film and the like. Don't humble yourself before aspiring auteurs because you have affection for a great fan-film concept or some cheap, pulpy drama. Story and performance, regardless of the label or sensibility, can still vault your work over more self-aware designs and be the viewing of choice for an audience who's tired of suicide. Why? Because instead of making a film for yourself, you made entertainment for them. If it has been done before, and it did well, it will likely do well again. Moderate your risks and make time for the tried and true and we'll all pray your service to the masses will lift you out of the no-budget arena sooner rather than later.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III