Sunday, June 30, 2013

On Internships (bleh)

On Internships (bleh),

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Funny thing about internships now, since Black Swan, is that they actually have to be internships. Go figure. Newcomers to the work field used to be desperate and happy enough to go through a day or two, or possibly several weeks without even THINKING to ask for pay, just because they were surrounded by professionals and had the chance to let their face be seen on set. This is surely the way things have been done in a lot of places for a long time. And the time you put in can be so brutal that the last thing you want to do is turn on the company of folks you developed the work-bond with over a couple hundred bucks.

But then again, that could be a bill, or a very big chunk of the rent due that month and the time that could otherwise have been spent creating that stability was used being exploited, essentially. If you are able-bodied and have your own allowance of common-sense, you either have the capacity to work or the right to self-invest in an educational opportunity without the two being confused and the proper reward forgotten. Sure these situations might make production companies less attracted to intern programs in the future, but the alternative of earning paid positions out of, what, pity? - You've paid dues (worked for free and burnt yourself out) and have finally earned the right to proper compensation? For the people that accept this without question, you deserve to look inward and remember yourself.

Lets get what we came for,
C. M. Sanchez III

Saturday, June 29, 2013

On Opportunities for Innovation

On Opportunities for Innovation,

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It's absolutely critical for emerging filmmakers to put said facts on the table: Amazon Studios is now accepting short concepts into their submission system. They also are holding rights to popular media franchises for new writers to create fan fiction in which Amazon can share a profit, see: Amazon Publishing. There is also the self-distribution mantra echoed in the article below for writers, and that which is explored by Marc Schiller at Bond Strategy and Influence (subscribe to his e-mail list). Teen fantasy, fan fiction, short concepts, self-distribution, original franchises and you, the innovator, in the mix of it all and at the helm of an endless assortment of digital tools along with google search. Organization and self-development are the keys to economic mobility. There is no end of venues and probably the only real competition is for audience attention. It used to be people had to be home by a certain time to watch a show, or they had to get a book early to avoid back-order. With e-books, audio books, dvr and mobile entertainment, netflix and other roads to instant gratification, money comes in early and bigger than before because it's easier to legitimize emotional spending. See: Sara Chritchfield at Up Worthy talk about emotion here:
I'm now going to say a lot of stuff I am not educated enough to talk about, let's call it a wild hunch:

Civilizations that can provide basic needs like hospice, shelter, and food allowances efficiently don't attain that stability without some confusion. Survival is such a desperate affair that one generation to the next may not realize it's arrived. So here we are with young and old out of work and not realizing that technology has allowed more companies to work with less man power. So the question for people that had long thought they should find a place where they can work for others and determine their value in a trade service is how are they supposed to matter, make a living, find their way?

A basic Utopian vision is a world where people spend most of their time doing what they love. Sure the caveat is that commerce becomes a relic but until we get there, the missing link is the general education of the marriage between art & commerce so that individuals are encouraged to explore their greater capacity when overall labor requirements have diminished. Health, education and pure expression, as in writing/film/music, or investment in politics/science/engineering take up the focus where before the paycheck and those that provided it were the only goal. The technology and the services becoming available now presuppose an evolutionary lean towards self-sustenance and economic equilibrium as long as the lessons can be acknowledged and upheld. If we do not adapt to the times and the greater responsibilities we can claim, as individuals or concerted groups, to wealth and peace then, in ignorance, we may suffer a dangerous downturn as an aimless race unaware of the bounty before us. Learn and grow and accept the powers bestowed. The industry is changing to accommodate the imagination at an exponential rate. Its a grand time for a creator.

Lets get what we came for,
C. M. Sanchez III



Forbes Thought Of The Day
“ The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. ”
— Winston Churchill

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C.M. Sanchez III