Monday, July 8, 2013

More On Self/Direct Distribution

More On Self/Direct Distribution,

For more information, visit Racking Focus: What Filmmakers Can Learn From Watchmakers on Kickstarter

Wigon, author of this column, is onto something. But why-not just screen the films at local venues. Bars and lounges have open-mics and live-music. There are one-act plays out there, street events, and so forth. Not everything is great. There's a lot of sucky talent out there building up their showmanship and their skill. There are not enough shorts or indie-films by local residents appearing in place of the Wednesday night trivia-challenge.

As for kickstarter, build an e-mail list with your closest market. Setup a production blog. Create pre-production materials and build some hype. Make a trailer. Get a local band or two to compose some music. Talk with people you trust about what's boring and what's compelling; learn your audience and promote-to-tease about your film AND you as an up-and-comer. Then build a kickstarter campaign that targets this market and the people close to it. The niche/cult fan base may be all you need.

Once the film's shot, get a local viewing and a VOD purchase setup. Put up a site with 2 or 3 forms of the film (up to limited editions with extras or props from production). Get your fans to bring one person to see it and, get this, provide a trailer of your own followup or the upcoming release of a fellow filmmakers project. Add to the e-mail list.

Rinse and repeat. Now let's get to work.

Lets get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III