Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Observing the suits: Drama at WB

Observing the suits: Drama at WB,

For more information, visit 2ND UPDATE: WARNER BROS SHAKE-UP – Jeff Robinov Quitting Movie Studio After No New Contract Offered And Kevin Tsujihara’s War Of Silence; Sue Kroll, Dan Fellman, And Greg Silverman May Become Triumvirate  (< This is a headline??)

Who is Jeff Robinov and why is he getting the shaft at Warner Bros? Truth is messed up. Other than the guy being a boss' type of difficult, according to deadline anyway, he's made some serious moves bringing Affleck, Lurman, and Nolan to WB and supporting them in their artistic integrity. Deadline made a statement that plenty of execs are fired in a state of success. Is it a weird form of goodwill because the company knows the exec will land somewhere else safely but still needs to accommodate the tensions with new president Tsujihara? Was it rivalry?

At first glance and from the testimonials provided by Affleck and Lurmann, Robinov protected the directors from the numbers, had a symbiotic relationship with marketing, and took to developing long-shots in house, or otherwise using his gut as a strategic consideration in bringing new star content to bare.

I have not yet gotten caught up with a producer since my interest in Val Lewton's career, but I'm a sucker for an underdog. This man, Robinov, deserves a CV from ME!

Lets get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III