Friday, July 26, 2013

On Google/Youtube's Generation C (for Content?)

On Google/Youtube's Generation C (for Content?)

For more information, visit: Google invests in YouTube studio in LA

As technology has mobilized, online viewership has increased steadily with all the new content made available.

I've often had a complaint about those of us in film school who consider online exhibition. Without market awareness we might be doing ourselves a disservice by putting our videos side-by-side with prosumers junkies, nothing against them, who whipped out a camera and produced content that went viral. I could say that our "education" is making us think too much. But the truth is we learn how to make art at school, not entertainment. No one has the authority to tell you what "funny" is or what "adventure" looks like today. So we learn the art and the techniques and then we're made hesitant, while eager and innocent creators get drafted by Google and become "generation C." There's a real value in our education that should have it's place solidly entrenched within this online phenomenon, not just in the festival circuits or those very narrow entry points into the indie industry or union fellowships.

A little bit of envy is healthy if it gets the wheels turning. This article is way more proof that recognition and income are within our grasp. Youtube recognized that if they wanted to compete with the increasing quality of online content, they had to guide and invest in creators with real potential. For those in my network and beyond really considering that webisode pilot or short film, put a little fire under your butt because the time is now.

Organize. Bring your broke creative neighbors under one roof and get to using every resource available to put a slate together, and by all means seize the day. Not just cause its fun but because it could be the start of your career. The eyes of the digital industry, as well as film & TV beyond who feel the pressure, are all turning upon our ingenuity and creative passions to pave the way to the future.

Let's get what we came for,

C.M. Sanchez III