Friday, July 19, 2013

On Criticism and Reasons to Push it Anyway

On Criticism and Reasons to Push it Anyway,

For more information, visit The Dissolve discusses films of the summer

Looking for a reason to get over-stimulated by pop-culture criticism? Look no further.

The Dissolve obviously has a smart collection of experienced writers with solid voices and much to debate. But the end result is moot. And it's indicative of the truth that you can't please everyone. There is no particular way to analyze value save by numbers and those numbers don't indicate anything more that what people were willing to spend based on a trailer. Everyone being entitled to their bit of 'favorite' and subjected to their share of peer pressure essentially means that no one knows anything. That's why the movie business is the biggest gamble in town and the most money goes to p&a.

What does that mean to emerging above-the-liners: nothing beats bullshit. Schedule the teaser and print a concept image for God's sake.

A great film can be molded with too much insecurity and strain that it's never pushed through post and marketed. A clumsy orgiastic blend of modern hyperbole by someone claiming their own renown has a greater chance of claiming the sale for the simple fact that enthusiasm carries so much further than modesty. Criticism after the fact is just a hobby for people with a day off or a job for those encouraging the former. For those of us that don't get a day off cause we're too busy creating, know that perfection doesn't exist. Honesty is a far better goal for a film but wherever it goes, it should be expressed with severity . . . you know so that people can have an opinion about it. It makes audiences feel good.

So, show up and put out - get the world talking and they'll save you a seat or, even better, force you to stand above them.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M.Sanchez III