Friday, July 26, 2013

On Valuing You (And What's Cool About English Majors)

On Valuing You (And What's Cool About English Majors),

For more information (on English Majors) visit: Steve Strauss: Why I Hire English Majors,

Hardly one to toot my horn, in this one instance I'm allowing myself a moment to feel a bit prouder. Being an English major usually translates into a teaching career in terms of practical relevance. Steve Strauss kindly makes us relevant to just about any business that requires critical analysis and problem solving as well as a higher grade of communicative ability. As a creative writing major I hope I fall somewhere in there. It's nice to get recognized for what some might dismiss as a backup and otherwise useless focus.

For the filmmakers among us that are trying to figure out which services and skill-sets might keep us gainfully in-demand, do not dismiss your natural talents or inclinations. You might not be a great communicator but you excel with numbers, or perhaps you are very sensitive on a strategic level and have a wider than normal perspective, or you might be a great cook and the perfect person to setup an intimate social event with. Take care of yourselves. Great filmmaking takes a strong spirit. Knowing where and how you belong means knowing your angle on the goals your pursuing. That's a measurable conviction and it sells. But it's gotta be yours.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III