Friday, July 12, 2013

On Spectacle and the Viability of the Bottom Rung

On Spectacle and the Viability of the Bottom Rung,

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Haha! What the hell?!

When you read, pay close attention to Asylum's role in the matter and their relationship with Netflix.  I think it's truly enlightening to know what's done to create the impression of abundance and what models are currently succeeding in this unique space where the digital market is being defined.  

That there is a direct place for absurd material is probably not so surprising as the fact that there are institutions having a specific value and financial interest in this material.  Often I'll wonder how the hell something was distributed.  Certainly there's enough talent out there.  But marketing needs must be met, an impression must be established and how easily that supersedes the common sensibility and expectations we have on the parameters of success is enough to give all of us a moment of hesitation.  

It's truly an open game.  Not specifically with this incidence but in general.  The rules shift and we just have to pay attention and know how flexible things are so that we don't claim yesterdays standards as today's law.  At the very least if things suck you can band together with some other capable folks and get ballsy and meaningless and still find a niche to commit to and live off of.  It may seem like settling at first but making films for a living, even if its just to fill space, isn't the most horrible thing in the world.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III