Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marty on the Future of Cinema

Marty on the Future of Cinema,

For more information, visit: Martin Scorsese Explains Why Future of Film is Bright in Open Letter to Daughter

I think some of us imagine we have someone out there speaking directly to us when they aren't.  We turn the masters of cinema into parental figures and try to understand the decisions they made and attribute those decisions to our lives so we can rise in similar fashion.

What Marty is reminding us is that cinema is a medium made for our own very unique voice.  Imagine what we would do today if the masters disappeared?  Would we lose all direction and understanding?

The world is full of story, adventure, struggle, romance, fear and heroism.  People are waiting to be inspired.  The tools aren't cheap at all cause the economy is fucked but they aren't impossible to acquire.  They are within reach as long as passionate people are within reach.

We remain passionate; oppressed by circumstances with a world full of problems to explore and fix.  We remain beholden to each other to do our part - even if that part is just sharing what matters most to us to share.

I believe we will.  I hope we honor the craft in the generations to come.  I hope we live up to the ideal projections those like Marty have.  I hope we choose, when given the option between despair and optimism, to take responsibility for out outlook and encourage others to see the possibilities.

It's a nice letter.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III