Monday, January 13, 2014

Crowdfunding Gets Smarter

Crowdfunding Gets Smarter,

For more information, visit: Indiegogo Wants to Help You Raise Money on Your Own Website

Indiegogo has revealed Outpost and sets its release in 2014.

It's a minor shift with a large potential impact.  More and more the crown suggestion is to have a website for your film.  The more convenient you make it for your audience to get what they need from your site, the more effective your representation is.

It's all about reducing the number of steps needed to be taken in order for people to give you money.  We're talking about a situation where one-too-many clicks or a slow browser are getting in the way of an investor providing you with funds.

Consider the statistics I commented on regarding Kickstarter's Year in Review and you'll see that crowdfunding is a global phenomenon.  How many more investors will be inclined to make that emotional decision with one less time-consuming click?  I really do believe something like that adds up.  Why?

Because on any crowd-funding page there's just more to read to verify your investment.  Sometimes too much information is debilitating.  I'm surprised Kickstarter hasn't provided a matching function but I think it's had the more prestigious career among the two platforms and really wants people to explore the site and commit more dollars.

It's too early to tell if not having that function will make a huge difference since the bigger decision is whether to make the release of funds target-sensitive but I think it's a smart and effective move for Indiegogo and crowd-funding in general to bring the option straight to the project site.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III