Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ira Sachs on Designing Sound for "Love is Strange"

"The SFFS gives away $1 million a year to independent films, which makes them, along with organizations like the Austin Film Society and Cinereach – and of course the Sundance Institute – the American alternative to government support." -Sachs

For more information visit: Sundance Production Diary: Ira Sachs on Sound Mixing 'Love is Strange' at Skywalker Sound

I'll let the production diary speak for itself - Sachs is a good writer.  I wanted to extract this quote above because I thought it was interesting for those of us with certain old conceptions on film financing.  Granted they can't support everyone but there isn't a cap on the list of non-profit organizations that will arise to support the arts.  Hell, I'm considering it!

I'm not sure what exactly their model is or how they cultivate donor relationships but it's a worthy investigation.  Moreso it's important for the rest of us to know that there are cultural incentives realized every year to support artists like us.  So stand and deliver.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III