Sunday, January 12, 2014

Round holes and square pegs: fitting the indie blitz into legacy theatrical strats

Round holes and square pegs: fitting the indie blitz into legacy theatrical strats,

For more information, visit: Are There Too Many Movies -- And Is It the New York Times' Fault?

Whyyyyyy four-wall?  Really?  That's out of "The Movie Business Book" which was relevant in the early 90's when brick and mortar exhibition was the key to success.

Now, too much supply means you need a global market and if discernment is in demand then INCREASE THE WRITING JOBS...

hmmmmmm.  Should I have switched to film studies years ago?  But I'm a creative writing major, I'll wing it.

Seriously, this is the time for distribution companies to begin taking profits and swinging them into Silicon Valley and developing the digital corner.  We're talking cultural transfer: Translations, digital international film festivals, emerging film education, get young people writing about young filmmakers and re-establish cultivation using the reference points of the age.  You can have more product as long as there's more description.

So what, new writers aren't discerning enough?  Hire and educate.

Where is the money going to come from?  The people who can afford it and want to of course.  I'm talking rich people with nothing better to do but buy another McMansion.  We've seen too many infographics about how far out of balance the class inequality is.  You can't ever convince me that these people don't run out of things to buy that actually mean something to them.  I'm an idealist perhaps but it's also true.

Here's the sell: Everyone wants this, it's big. Invest and you're the shit.  You own the corner.  You die with a legacy and thereby become immortal.  It's the only thing you couldn't buy but a billion people will benefit from what you've done and so there, golden toilets + the common touch.

What's the McGuffin?  A library/market of international independent film that merges global traffic with global art and it's global representation.  It employs thousands because it has millions of subscribers.

Big idea = big money cause of: Micro Transactions.  A billionaire can do it, a couple billionaires can nail it.
Give me $50k and a year to write the business plan and I'll show you exactly how.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III