Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sundance 2014 Infographics

Sundance 2014 Infographic: Film Festival by the Numbers

Sundance 2014 Infographics

For more information, visit: Sundance Infographic Reveals Some Promising and Not So Promising Numbers in Independent Film

What immediately stands out to me is that approximately 90% of the films accepted, averaging $750,000 in budget, are from first time directors.  How the hell is a first time director acquiring that kind of credibility?

And the question presented in the article is why so many films are hemorrhaging money and why are so many films being greenlit without a market strategy.  Distributors aren't likely to get back more than 2% for their investment.  It's agreed that higher quality standards and better marketing will see less hemorrhaging.

I think the answer lies in better education and group distribution models led by business-primed filmmakers partnered with VOD specialists.  I think films that lead a campaign and become community or niche fanbase flagships will create event releases.  This is what all the people giving advice are saying.  So where's the problem?

People are lazy.  We are poor, ignorant, and lazy.  And the winning circle isn't comprised of people that necessarily create "better" art but because they pushed the envelope all the way through, took advantage of being the last men and women standing while others flaked off and what you had were options of the people who didn't give up rather than the people who were the most talented.  We'll assume that these are one and the same for argument's sake but we should recognize that the odds appear to be 70/8000: that's less than 1%.

Remember that Sundance isn't the only show out there but if you're gonna compete at all, you gotta ask yourself if you were born to be a one-percenter.  If so, then you're probably gonna get out of bed tomorrow and do the million and one things others won't.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III