Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Value of the Rerun

The Value of the Rerun

For more information, visit: I'm Worried That The Cable Rerun Movie Is in Danger of Dying Out

If the post seems obscure, I just want you to read this in the context of maneuver where you keep your old content relevant.  This is discussed in BOND's 360 Equation, but the gist is that by withholding individual sales rights and having pricing control you can inject steam into your business each time something new is released or for a variety of event-based reasons.  Old content doesn't have to be treated like old content and as long as you're growing in skill and capacity, it's just as likely your audience will appreciate the less masterful content anyway.  So if you're idea was to hide old work once it's done, don't.

"Once they’ve blown up a town, then they have to blow up a city, and then a country. That’s why no building has survived a movie in the past several years." - Amanda Dobbins on why Cable reruns of yesteryear have a special quality over reruns of more recent tentpole shows hitting the networks.

This is silly...but I get it. This is often how I commune with my mom. Everything she says brings to light an interesting idea about how we scroll off the old for the new, even though the old worked and when done well works in perpetuity. But a thought just occurred to me: for everything that the no-budget community creates, can we ever get to the point where we make a product of that raw, unfinished but oddly magical quality represented by emerging cinema? We can now look back on documentaries featuring the beginning of current master actors with a sense of awe, not really sticking on the idea that they sucked at the time. Perhaps that same nostalgia can be invested in the wealth of unknown content filled with cinematic nuance being developed all over right now? All it needs is the right venue and a moderately sized audience of people willing to appreciate story and who knows? Perhaps the comforting predictability of the future will come from memories of the moment.

No disregard to the cheesy classics of course, they made us.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III