Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Internal War

On the Internal War and fighting the demons that make you suck,

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It doesn't matter what it is, it's a glaring problem. It could be relegated to doubt and fear. It could be an addiction, hard or soft. It could be excuses that de-prioritize that which you'd rather do because engaging your passion is somehow a crime. No matter what it is, it's a wall. And a wall can be scaled and vaulted over, crashed through, bombed to hell, flown or surfed over when the elements are right. It can even be carefully deconstructed or transformed into a bridge.

All the tools that created the obstacle are the same tools that can create the answer to it. What the Forbes article below explains is how those tools were developed eons ago, they respond primarily to absolute necessity but remain manageable given focused assessment. Take for example "positivity:" a million people will tell you stay positive and you'll be able to accomplish your goals. You know what they really mean is keep your head clear of doubt so you can focus on your actions and stay moving forward. And that would be easy if your real motivators, whatever they are, didn't run off on you. It's logical to assume that success and pride are enough to get us to act. But we don't really care. Not wanting to do something is as strong a motivator as any positive slogan we can fabricate. Even love can lose its luster. This is why the gym is such a hard sell.

But what if we consider something that generally has a "negative" connotation, like addiction. A variant of this is obsession. The stuff we associate with obsession is much closer to the base of our motivation than what the logical brain decrees. That 'need/want hemorrhage is damn near elemental. But if we were obsessed with health, obsessed with writing, obsessed with making films that matter, obsessed with creating jobs, then life would turn almost violent with righteous passion. For some reason, I instinctively feel it's easier to activate an obsession, a hunt, than it is to champion a discipline, a restraint. I learned that about myself. You too can debug your activators and mechanisms to create pathways to action. It takes time and consideration. But they say that economic mobility is dead. Dreamers have nothing to lose by breaking themselves down and rebuilding themselves anew. Read below and then go have a talk with your inner lizard.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III