Saturday, August 10, 2013

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning,

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I'm excited to the point of absurdity. While I await for the shaky exuberance to subside, I've found a clear line of action to move me, which is suggesting this book. The reason for my excitement comes from the marriage of information to purpose - that is, I want to find a meaningful way to engage in marketing & distribution that will aid my emerging community of fimmakers (who don't have a strong grasp of much beyond physical production). What this book (2nd Edition) has done is demystify the ways in which money is procured, leveraged, risked and invested; by each sections of the industry and by every motive. While there are certain reflections that are dated, the basic math is extremely useful and has allowed me to undergo calculations and operational brainstorming yielding ways in which my original purpose might be manifested.

It is a technical and laborious read. But for anyone that is passionately interested in creating opportunity for themselves and their peers, for anyone that doesn't want to suffer beneath the whims of chance and is looking for practices and strategies they can utilize today in how they will maneuver into their career, read this book. If you're heart and mind are in the right place and focused, the information will thrill you and enable you to speak with confidence and passion when gathering support to your brand and your business.

Often creative artists are paralyzed by a world of commerce that they criticize out of stubborn fear. There is more to filmmaking than the art. It has survived because the people want it. But if we are going to be responsible for something we all want, then those of us assuming the mantle of filmmaker must be sustained. It's only fair. In order to be sustained we must first understand all the working parts and then make these definitions relative to our place in the game, so that we can actually sit down and play it. Never stop learning.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III