Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Investor Psychology

On Investor Psychology,

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I love that I was born with eyes and can read, and read English, and have fingers to power the internet and I exist in the time of the internet and once had the insight to invest in a laptop and have the odd arrangement to read for an afternoon about film with a brain that can react and so on and so on.

While I set myself to produce a short film in the fall as well as my own string of short film ideas, I'm also highly interested in the approach to investors since that will be a large part of the future gambits.

Being trusted means a lot of things, including learning how to write your ass off when it comes to a film proposal. But understanding what's been going on outside of our industry is important too. This blog [SLATED] provides meaningful insight on the investment perspective and how to understand the issues guarding the money flow (among other things of course)

What I've pulled from this entry is that the systems in which investor money enters the equation for filmmaking is different than most other gambles. Often the packages are made (and usually the film is shot) before distribution enters the arena and provides avenues to repay investors and make profit. This isn't true elsewhere where there are venture capitalists and angel investors. When the success rate between the odd indie film hitting a home run is similar to that of the new web startup, the question for indie producers comes from knowing there's a larger pool out there of people willing to take a risk if only they knew the game.

Read and follow the blog and as a producer remember that it's up to you to explain the value of your film in about a million different ways. All that practice will make perfect however and making a career out of it should be just a matter of time.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III