Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Labor Shifts East

Labor Shifts East,

For more information, visit: L.A. Mayor Declares State of ‘Emergency’ As Movie, TV Production Flees Hollywood

"Many local businesses that support production have closed or been forced to lay off workers, and the trade unions report high levels of unemployment among their California members, according to the study." - Ted Johnson, Senior Editor at Variety

It's long been an accepted truth on the East Coast that at some point your vying for an invite from Hollywood to go to work. It would have represented a milestone in one's career, as the assumption is once you're brought into a California filmmaking network, the jobs are consistent. We presumed for a while that there was simply more opportunity over there, while here in NYC there's a lot of close competition.

This article says a whole lot of otherwise. Rethink moving west until the dust settles and better trends emerge or possibly find yourself going from unemployed to more unemployed.

Let's get what we came for,
C.M. Sanchez III