Monday, May 13, 2013

On meta-genres

On Meta-Genres,

To learn more, visit: Huffington Post: Baz Luhrmann, 'Great Gatsby' Director, Explains the 3D, the Hip Hop, the Sanitarium And More

To go a little meta, I think American modernist literature could be a fantastic revival for intellectual adaptation. 
If we consider Hollywood's Tale of Two Cities, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Gone with Wind, and so forth, we can acknowledge the value of educated discourse with grandiose spectacle. Sure we have fantasy and sci-fi today, But there's always Hemingway, Toomer, West and so on. The research seems lengthy but also the kind of practice that could guarantee buyer attentions, especially if the text is given a contemporary nuance. That's probably the hardest part. I haven't seen the film yet and I'm interested to see how the hip-hop plays in with that early 20th century feel. In any event, it's all in our hands. And the actors will play.  Re-envisioning the classics will always be an option (as long as American education maintains some kind of standard).