Friday, May 17, 2013

Masters Among Us

Masters Among Us,

Well, maybe not among us.  It is just interesting to see master filmmakers going out of there way to personally get a film made because their usual carte blanche wasn't available.

The sweetest part here is when a person fulfills a long term wish. It doesn't matter that Marty is already a film demigod and likely severely wealthy. It's just great from a human standpoint. It's also interesting how excited someone in his position can become when realizing the avenues to what he wants to do outside of Hollywood and that he's also willing to spare his physical presence to acquire it... Nothing against Marty or the author of this article, but I hope more veterans take leaps in the indie market in the pursuit of their dream projects, sans corporate and commercial interests, as it can really open up opportunities for many emerging professionals. I know his project will be union and remain relatively expensive, but then again I have friends at school that were invited to Cannes and the more this sort of thing happens, the greater the chance that the highly successful may adopt the successors.

Lets get what we came for,
C. M. Sanchez III