Monday, May 13, 2013

On the "360 Equation"

On the "360 Equation,"

For more information, visit Indiewire - The "360 Equation": The One Business Model Every Filmmaker Needs to Know

What a fantastic read. Here's a kindred take on the supportive role social media can have in the indie-artist's campaign for realization. In most articles I take the time to post, I try to offer up the content in the context of what's relative to the emerging film maker, without an executive network, without notoriety. What Marc Schiller is breaking down is the fundamentals of the living-by-art practice that we simply cannot ignore. 

If you are set to make your visions a public option, then both you and them must know each other. You are your own commercial, your views criticized or upheld otherwise by no one. When you make a film it is obscure until it isn't. This isn't an overnight process. It's part of the job. Unfortunately it's a grave pressure for a writer/director. Which is why emerging producers must step into this role and see the projects they are aiding in a much greater light, see its future, and become the spokespeople. What you lack in marketing dollars you can make up for with the strength of your voice and the conviction of your purpose. 

You have something to offer, be it entertainment, education, or pure art. Manage it with enthusiasm and create a presence that matters with real people. Newcomers to film should take into account this "360 Equation" if they have an interest in creating work opportunities, because without an audience there is no money flow, and no budget for the next one if that's your aim.

Lets get what we came for,

C. M. Sanchez III