Thursday, May 16, 2013

On "Great Gatsby" Hype

On "Great Gatsby" Hype,

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So...they say they can't figure out why there was 'Great Gatsby' hype? The American gangster is officially an archetype; mythos. Noire is embedded in our cultural pysche. The anti-hero and the dark side of capitalism and manifest destiny is something all American cultures are treated to on a daily basis. There was recently 'Bordwalk Empire' and 'Gangster Squad.' Even 'Mad Men' has created a taste for the sense and style of the 20th century's first half ('20s to '60s). 

This appeal is revived every so often, just like sci-fi has made the hollywood comeback over zombies in the last few years. The familiarity with the novel, DiCaprio, Jay-Z - these are all supportive elements to the concept that has been driving entertainment for a century. And when an audience member has a chance to escape, why wouldn't they escape to the experience of a lifestyle of excess and violent power? This form of story will always excite. 

That it was talked about a little more that Ironman 3 isn't surprising since this is an "original" adaptation rather than a sequel and people will talk when new inventions are revealed and tied to familiar worlds. The longing romance that appears to go hand-in-hand with the American's expression of rising power is not lost on any generation where ambition can be accounted for. I think the buzz is unsurprising as the production is both timely with a timeless story. But then again i'm someone who believes, and not to take credit from Ironman or comic-book (or even the parallels between Gatsby and Stark that some might draw) that story and concept (allegory and philosophy for some) still drives civilized consciousness, no matter how commercial or overused it might seem.

Let's get what we came for,

C. M. Sanchez III