Friday, May 10, 2013

On Content Politics

On Content Politics,

For more information, visit Indiewire - Why Do Films Get Booed at Cannes? New BAM Series Investigates

There are many trends in this rhetoric alone to support the saying that even bad publicity is good publicity. Many of the boo-ies returned to receive awards or hold committee positions years later. In any practice of art, it's known you can't please everyone. Though how Hollywood does it, play to the masses for mass profit, often leads the independent down dark roads - the question that is. It is better in the non-union circuit then to stand strong, knowing you do not have the political machine in place to guard you from direct criticism, or the wide release to win on the average, and consciously be prepared to pick a side and everything that goes with it. Political moderation is best suited for those managing the position they've already achieved. But achieving it in the first place has something to do with extremities . . . So one might take away from this, stand out and get known, then clean it up and edge your way mainstream as your audience widens (realizing the risk is alienating your original niche fan base; the determination would likely be economic).

Lets get what we came for,

C.M. Sanchez III