Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No I didn't sneeze. It's YEKRA!

Distribution & Curation's Love Child: Yekra Becomes the First 'DIY Digital Movie Theater'

We should all be feeling this arrival.  For the horde of middle-class artists (not just filmmakers, but musicians, painters, writers, anyone with a story to tell), there is a widening avenue to breed thought and passion co-mingled with new technology and people with a mind for the expansion of expression.

There are a lot of questions to be answered regarding the money flow and certainly the discussion is underway.  Will the available funds trickle into too many separate pockets?  The better question for us is "will artists seeking sustainability be able to afford their rent bridging their inspirations in this new era of direct distribution?"

We're not worried about the giants unable to fill their mouths.  We're talking about an aggressive middle-economy where the fundamentals will really matter.  Insofar as the gatekeepers are forced to reposition themselves into aiding the most ambitious of this wave, rather than keeping the swelling mob out, we have incredible potential now freely accessible at an increasing rate.

Before it implodes, lets go back to why we got started:

Monsters, Heroes, Aliens, Detectives, Love, Lust, Despair, Hope.  I feel like Silicon Valley is really burning the midnight oil here but what happens if the people their technology supports became so distracted by figuring out a new model for themselves that they forgot to stay on their artistic grind?  What a gamble the last 20 years have been.  I'm so confused!

But now that's changing and what started with youtube and crowd-sourcing is now rapidly morphing into a whole new economy.  Thank you Micah Van Hove at NoFilmSchool for your diligence in putting together a solid picture for those of us still in film school getting only a quarter of the education needed to be competitive.