Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On The Power of Short Production

On the Power of Short Production,

For more information, visit Daily Beast - Which of Amazon's TV Pilots Should Go to Series?

Cable TV, with the bar set by OZ and the Sopranos and the Wire, is now like 10 hour films broken up only by compelling climax (no commercials) and enough characters for everyone to identify with in their own way. There are structural benefits to this model and they can be phased to fit into the short-film production mode by constructing scripts with a franchise in mind. Observe the new standards carefully and if you strike out on your own with a webisode, consider a franchise genre in sci-fi, horror, or comedy and blend in drama, the supernatural, western or noire conventions. Or flip them. Be as inventive as you would with any concept for film because the lines have completely blurred. Once a nice meatty pilot is invented you can go for the kickstarter campaign.

I haven't watched any of these. I have too much TV to catch up on. I'm depending on your vote for my entertainment in about six months.

Lets get what we came for,

C. M. Sanchez III