Monday, April 22, 2013

On Mixing Genre

On Mixing Genre,

For more information go to Hollywood Reporter - Canne's-Critics-Week unveils lineup.

A note on mixing genre (a central topic in this article as the Critics' Week is aimed at new forms of content): I find two methodologies valuable when it comes to creating story. 

  1. Writing the story you love irregardless of convention, reviewing it to see the expectations it sets up for your intended audience and making the compromises to make it fit for the venue intended. 
  2. Specifically beginning with genre or genre blending ONCE you understand the conventions. 

This article doesn't need to take into account the need for film studies, it should be evident. But I've read plenty of scripts that at the other extreme try to be too many things at once. Learn the rules before you break them or you'll just appear to lack respect for the history you claim to move forward from, when you move forward and stumble. 

On the flip, if "modern" is your thing, a la Fountainhead, then simply build character, arc and story and remove yourself from the need for this form of originality. You may do something that has been done before and it will simply be unique because you built it. Focus on craft, style and momentum. You'll still need to work. Enthusiasm leads to humility as often as it does opportunity. Try to satisfy your ego before the audience and you probably won't make many films.

Lets get what we came for,

C. M. Sanchez III