Monday, July 21, 2014

VOD Numbers

Read: EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein Explains How 'Snowpiercer' Became a Gamechanger, We Crunch Theater vs. VOD Numbers

The industry has been in pursuit of hard numbers to prove maximum yield.  The most valuable takeaway here is that deals are flexible and everyone has to adapt.  As technology evolves, legacy players have to shake loose their expectations and play ball because audiences will go where they will.  The additional temptation to see this breakdown and assume it can be repeated is a sirensong; all patterns are broken as quickly as they emerge.  The only thing that can be appreciated is new distribution is a force of nature and it's better to embrace the changes than restrict them when new companies and initiatives are building all around you.  To emphasize the point: all my interest for the BC film society, BC community films, and our potential audience base, is built with an inherent interest in digital distribution as the priority medium for release because digital technology and social media favor lower costing advertising and provide better opportunities to emphasize a ground-game providing a more loyal relationship with viewers.  That Indiewire is calling this a "gamechanger" when my expectations starting out is that this is the go-to mechanic with theatrical a far second, suggests that opportunity for indie-company with nothing to lose will build their strength by disrupting the market for veteran company's with roots dug in too far and too alienated from a more democratic, niche driven indie platform.  I'll add I've come to admit my perspective is that of someone trying to break in rather than retain structure.  All tools are at the disposal of an individual or group with nothing to lose.
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